Notion Pack: Creative Studio System

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No more back and forth client emails 

The Creative Studio System is a two in one workspace for freelancers & creative business owners. 

You get a dashboard for:

- Your Business Operations: Streamline & organize daily tasks, keep up with money management, and plan content ahead of time.

Client Projects: Collaborate on your clients projects together all in one place. 

Create a client dashboard in 1 click

With a click of a button you can have a full client workspace with the contracts & documents you need to get them onboarded and for them to keep track of their projects timeline. Share it with team members to assign them a client or work on it yourself. The System allows you to keep one point of contact, the clients can leave comments & feedback when you're ready to showcase their projects.

Manage all of your day to day operations & stay organized

Your dashboard comes with 19 templates to help systemize your business. With money management tools, a content planner, a weekly planner, and a way for your to keep track of your monthly expenses built right into the home page.

Save hours of time from creating client documents

Save hours of time creating documents. Open a template, fill it out, then, export docs to clients in a PDF or share your Notion page.

Streamlined Databases

Notion is a great tool for keeping databases in order. All of your client contact information is synced up to searchable databases where they populate anywhere you want. Making information faster & easier to get to.

Automate your processes to cut down even MORE manual work

The Studio System pairs great with Notion Automations using Zapier to make your daily workflows even easier than this system already makes it!

What's Inside?

Business CRM: Manage clientele & track what stage they're at in the buying process.

Weekly Planner: Track your to-do's, your important tasks, and jot down daily reminders.

Content Planner: Create content ideas & keep track of your progress.

Discovery Call: Ask the important questions that win clients & keep meeting notes.

Money Management: A business that grows keeps track of finances. Manage your revenue & create milestones.

Bookmarks: Save client project inspiration, important links you find on the internet, and anything else.

Scope of Work: Send prior to the deliverables so the client can know what to expect. 

Quote: Send a fast quote for day rates to keep the DM's and emails clear.

You get all of those - plus 11 more templates, contracts, and databases:

  • Client Project Database
  • Project Timeline
  • Process Breakdown Guide
  • Inspiration Board
  • Creative Services Contract/Agreement
  • To-Do List
  • Organizational SOPs
  • Consulting Agreement For Hourly Work
  • General Freelance Contract
  • Hashtag Research Database
  • Kickoff Call Questions

Scope of Work Template (Updated 8/10/2021)

Creative Studio System Home-Page (Updated 8/10/2021)

See the client dashboard in action.

How it would work

Imagine you get an inquiry from a potential client on your website. Instead of going inside of a Google or Word doc and creating a file for them - the workspace becomes a space to collaborate.

With our Notion system you're able to log your potential client & in your Business CRM. From there you can keep track of the stage they're at with you in the buying journey.

From there, you can create a client dashboard that acts as a pop-up work space that you can customize. Take discovery call notes, write a contract & scope of work all in one place. Then share the page with your client.

Creative Studio System Client Dash (Updated 8/10/2021)


Is a refund policy available?

A: Yes. I’m offering a 30 day 100% refund if see these templates don't fit your needs.

What if I accidently delete anything?

A: No worries, you'll be able to always re-download again after purchasing. Check your Gumroad invoice via email for the link.

I have a different question, can I reach out to you?

A: Yes you may reach out to me via email at

How to use

This template pack comes with an instructional video on how to use it

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Notion Pack: Creative Studio System

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